Chris Hamilton

As Commuter Services Bureau Chief Iof Arlington, VA's DOT, I lead one of the largest, most innovative TDM/mobility management teams in North America. Our mission is to make it easy for people to take transit, bike, and walk rather than drive alone. Over the last 20 years I've helped pioneer the use of Commuter Stores, online fare purchases, innovative marketing, B2B solutions, walk and bike encouragement, TDM for Site Plan Development, impactful research through our Mobility Lab and the USA's first major bikeshare program. Research tells us that these programs bring a host of benefits. Analysis concludes these programs remove 45,000 SOV trips per day and switch them to transit, shared-rides, bike and walk trips. This maximizes Arlington's smart-growth policies and investment in transportation infrastructure. Traffic hasn't increased in two decades. The result is Arlington's tax base, business climate and quality of life are the envy of cities worldwide.
Sometimes its a war on cars, but we're nice about it.
I live car-free in my native DC.